The 70th edition of Berlinale: Romanian cinema

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Malmkrog, a film by Cristi Puiu


Guests at the mansion of man of the world Nikolai discuss death, the Antichrist, history and rule, progress and morality. Based on a text by Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyev, Cristi Puiu’s fresco is a razor-sharp criticism of our times.

Date                 Time    Venue
20.02.2020       14:30    CinemaxX 3 (Press)
21.02.2020       11:30    CinemaxX 7 
22.02.2020       19:45    Cubix 6 
23.02.2020       18:30    Haus der Berliner Festspiele
29.02.2020       12:30    CinemaxX 7
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Uppercase Print, a film by Radu Jude


In 1981, a teenager scribbled anti-Ceaușescu slogans on the walls of buildings. The Securitate’s investigation of the case and its surveillance records reveal the regime’s repressive nature, while TV images from the era show Romania in a different light.

Date                 Time    Venue
22.02.2020       13:30   Delphi Filmpalast
22.02.2020       16:00   CinemaxX 6  (Press)
24.02.2020       19:30   CinemaxX 4
29.02.2020       13:00   Arsenal Cinema 1 
01.03.2020       10:30   Cubix 5
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The Exist of the Trains, a film by Radu Jude


On June 29, 1941, Germans and Romanians carried out a pogrom against the Jewish population of the city of Iași. Radu Jude and Adrian Cioflâncă haul this atrocity back into the present in their radically pared-down, challenging film.

Date                 Time    Venue
26.02.2020       19:00   CinemaxX 4
27.02.2020       10:30   Cubix 5 (Press)
27.02.2020       15:00   Delphi Filmpalast
29.02.2020       10:00   Cubix 5
01.03.2020       18:30   CinemaxX 6
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Servants, a film by Ivan Ostrochovský


Czechoslovakia in the early 1980s.
The communist regime threatens to subjugate the Catholic Church. Will young seminarians Michal and Juraj remain true to their ideals? A frosty film noir with a well hidden burning heart.

Date                 Time    Venue
24.02.2020       11:00   CinemaxX 3 (Press)
24.02.2020       17:30   CinemaxX 7
25.02.2020       18:00   Cubix 6
26.02.2020       22:00   International
01.03.2020       10:00   Cubix 6
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Berlinale Talents

With a background in Political Sciences, Irina Malcea starts working in cinema in 2011. Two years later, she sets up the production house Luna Film. She is the producer of the documentary features TEACH by Alex Brendea, I AM HERCULES by Marius Iacob, co-producer of Ines Tanovic’s THE SON, executive producer on Andrei Cretulescu’s debut CHARLESTON and from the Romanian side, on the Bulgarian co-production PALACE FOR THE PEOPLE.
Irina is an alumna of EAVE Producers Workshop, PUENTES and Berlinale Talents. She is currently living and working in Bucharest and Brussels.

Romanian Films - catalogue

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