Collaboration agreement between the Romanian Film Center and the Bulgarian National Film Center

In the frames of the Focus Bulgaria at the Transilvania International Film Festival a Collaboration agreement between The Romanian Film Centre and The Bulgarian National Film Center was launched.

The agreement will facilitate the partnership between both countries and spur in the spirit of neighboring reciprocity the co-productions of films whose subjects involve cultural participation in their realization and favor the participation in such productions of professionals and studios with cinema experience.

In the recent years the Bulgarian National Film Center supported the Romanian production Aferim! by Radu Jude with Bulgarian co-producer Klasfilm – Rositza Valkanova (Silver Bear 2015) and Touch me not by Adina Pintilie with Bulgarian co-producer  Agitprop-Martichka Bojilova (Golden bear 2018).

Meanwhile two Bulgarian productions were supported by the Romanian Film Centre – Fishbone by Dragomir Sholev and Waterfall CEO by Svetoslav Draganov.

I am very happy that we have reached an agreement with our Romanian colleagues. In my opinion the strengthening of possibilities for joint projects and co-productions with European countries and especially with the Southeastern Europe is a priority. I hope that this agreement will facilitate and extend the opportunities before the producers of both our countries for achieving budgets that guarantee films of quality and success.

Jana Karaivanova, Executive Director, Bulgarian National Film Center

In our opinion, the strengthening of  bilateral Romanian-Bulgarian relations in the field of filmmaking is a priority, taking into account the common borders and the common aim of developing South East and East European film industry. We hope that the development of the relations will result in an increase in the number of Bulgarian Romanian co-productions as well as the exchange of experience and knowledge among  ours professionals.

Anca Mitran, General Director, Romanian Film Centre