Undeva la Palilula
Articol din 10-10-2013

The 60’s, Romania. Serafim, a young doctor, is sent to the Hospital in Palilula, a small town lost somewhere on the country map, after the death of the previous pediatrician, Mr. Pantelică.

Palilula, an authentic “Macondo” from the region of Oltenia, it’s a place where the insignificant coexists with charming things; in the hospital, the patients are perfectly healthy, and one of their favorite entertainments is to assist at the dissections in the morgue. The rest of the population is charming and imbecile at the same time, forever isolated in drunkenness, feasting, and orgy.

The changes from the political regimes, the deaths, the fires and floods, none of these major terrible changes of the world disturb the inhabitants of Palilula.
Restless and lazy, happy and melancholy, they are always there, together, in the center of the world, on the terrace with oleanders, at the hospital and at the Boema Hotel. The demonstrations dedicated to the “fight for peace”, imposed all over Romania by the new leader of the party, take place in Palilula in the same spirit of negligence and drunkenness specific for this town; the most important are the typical jokes which can’t be controlled by any political regime.

Serafim gradually adapts to the life in this world and ends up belonging to it, even without wanting. By the end, Palilula disintegrates, characters disappear, die, each and every one of them ends, in his specific way, his fabulous existence.

Serafim dies at an old age, poisoned with mushrooms, by Leana Mica, his life partner, while telling his life story. Although, along with him a whole world disappears, the story of Serafim and Palilula remains.

The reality doesn’t even matter as long as it’s told. Furthermore, the reality doesn’t even exist unless it’s told…

Denumirea filmului : UNDEVA LA PALILULA
Producator : SC Libra Film Productions SRL
Regizor: Silviu Purcarete

Interpretii rolurilor :
Aron Dimeny
Sorin Leoveanu
George Mihaiță
Răzvan Vasilescu
Constantin Chiriac
Ofelia Popii

Scenarist: Silviu Purcarete
Director de imagine : Adrian Silisteanu
Producator : Tudor Giurgiu
Anul de productie : 2012
Durata : 145 min

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