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Poziţia copilului vorbeşte cu dramatism, cu emoţie, dar şi cu umor, despre relaţia dintre o mamă dominatoare şi fiul său adult. Poziţia copilului este un film despre traumele sufocării copiilor prin dragoste şi despre amprentele pe care le lasă părinţii asupra personalităţii acestora.
În același timp, filmul este o radiografie a high-class-ului românesc contemporan şi vorbeşte despre trafic de influenţă şi corupţie la nivel mic în instituţiile de bază ale societăţii şi extensiile acestora asupra întregului sistem socio-economic din România de azi.

Short Synopsis
Child’s Pose presents in a thrilling, emotional, yet humorous way, the relationship between a ruling mother and her grown-up child. Child’s Pose is a touching film on traumatizing children while suffocating them with love and on the marks that parents leave on their children’s personalities.
The movie is also a depiction of the Romanian contemporary high-class, speaking about low-level corruption and trading of influence in the midst of the core social institutions and their extensions over the whole socio-economic system in Romania nowadays.

Long Synopsis
Cornelia is 60 and fundamentally not happy: her son, Barbu, who is 34, fights with all his powers to become an independent child. He lives in a separate apartment, has his own car, has a girlfriend who obviously doesn’t meet Cornelia’s standards and, most upsettingly, avoids his mother as much as possible. He doesn’t even want to be present for Cornelia’s birthday anniversary, pretending that he despises all her rich and well-connected friends, and preferring instead to spend the weekend at his girlfriend’s parents’, somewhere out of Bucharest.
When Cornelia finds out on Monday that, on his way back from the countryside, Barbu accidentally ran over a kid and killed him, she sees in this otherwise unfortunate event an opportunity to regain control over her son. She uses all her well-connected friends to arrange for Barbu not to go to jail and she expects her son, in return, to become the dependent child he was before. This doesn’t seem to be a very difficult task, given the state of shock Barbu is in. What proves to be truly difficult for Cornelia is to confront the parents of the victim and to cope with their pain of losing a child.

It is generally said and accepted that a mother will do anything in her power to save her child. But what does “do anything” really mean? “Child’s Pose” tries to put a real-life question to this by telling a sometimes gritty, sometimes funny story about the confines of parental love.

Child’s Pose is a film about a pretty pathological mother-and-son relationship, about the children’s position relative to their parents and vice versa, about parents losing their children one way or another. A camera dependent film I might say, that will attempt to convey states of mind, feelings, smoldering conflicts, desperate outbursts, i.e. a slice of life with an almost documentary authenticity.
The characters are analyzed or rather psychoanalyzed, trying to get a feeling of understanding or even compassion towards this weird family.

POZITIA COPILULUI este un film despre relatia mai mult sau mai putin patologica dintre mama si fiu, despre ‘pozitia’ copiilor fata de parinti si viceversa, despre parinti care isi pierd copiii intr-un fel sau altul. Un film cameral as putea spune, dar care va incerca sa redea in imagini stari, sentimente, dramele mocnite, defularile disperate, adica, o felie de viata in care autenticitatea aproape documentara isi va face simtita prezenta din plin.

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